The Domino's Fundraising Program is designed to help non-profit groups raise funds by selling Free Pizza Coupons, individually, to the general public. Only one Free Pizza Coupon can be redeemed per Pick Up or Delivery order. The Domino's Free Pizza Fundraising Program is available ONLY to non-profit groups with a Non-Profit Tax ID number. The Tax ID number is required before the Fundraising Coupons will be sent.

Domino's Pizza Fundraising reserves the right to refuse participation to any group. Programs may be delayed if numerous programs are running simultaneously in the same geographical area.

The purpose of this agreement is to outline the provisions of the sale and use of the Domino’s Free Pizza Coupon Fundraising Program. The Fundraising Group will resell the Free Pizza Coupons, individually, to the general public, for a price of $10 each.

The Free Pizza Coupons will not be resold in bulk or for a price less than $10 each. Please follow safe selling practices while selling the Free Pizza Coupons. The Free Pizza Coupons are good ONLY in San Diego County. Fundraiser will make best effort to accurately portray these coupons when selling the Free Pizza Coupons.

Organization agrees to pay Domino’s Pizza $4 per Free Pizza Coupon. Check should be sent to Domino’s on date Fundraising Program is completed along with unsold coupons. Send check, payable to San Diego Marketing Fund, and unsold Free Pizza Coupons to: Domino's Fundraising Program, 936 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021

Fundraising Agreement Application

DateFriday, June 23, 2017

This agreement is between the San Diego County Domino's Pizza franchisees, dba Domino's Pizza, and your organization. Please enter and double check details.

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Selling / Fundraising Period: Please enter a start and end date for your fundraising. We suggest three (3) weeks.

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Enter the number of Free Pizza Coupons wanted. Estimate 4 coupons per seller - additional coupons are available.

If your group is currently selling the Free Pizza Fundraising Coupons and needs to order additional coupons, please enter the quantity of additional Free Pizza Coupons needed. Maximum of 200.

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By clicking the "Submit Application" button below, you are agreeing to the above Fundraising Agreement. We will contact you for further information and to confirm your interest in partnering with Domino's Pizza on your fundraiser.